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Themis Institute is your partner in governance & leadership

We help organizations improve the effectiveness of the board of directors and supervisory board members through counseling, capability building, and developing insights.

Our customized consulting & legal services are designed to work with your board based on specific goals and desires at this particular time in your governance journey.

Make it work

Making governance work can be challenging, but it has to be taken seriously. With a common governance framework, your managing and supervisory boards will better understand their management and oversight roles. Based on our seven pillars of good governance, we can help you develop a governance framework that recognizes your organization's specific needs. It is essential to keep in mind that the seven pillars of good governance are not a template or a “one size fits all” approach, and will likely evolve over time, based on the developments in your organization.

Fit for purpose

Effective boards are those in which the strengths and expertise of the members match the needs of the organization at a given moment in time. Therefore, in today’s fast-changing environment, there is a need for a proactive and adaptive management of your (supervisory) board’s composition and the role of the board members. We can help you create and improve your governance framework and we can help you improve the way your boards work, thus creating a governance framework that is ‘fit for purpose’.

Do you need help with corporate governance?


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