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Design & execution

We can assist you with a wide range of issues relating to the composition and operation of board practice. We have developed considerable expertise and resource materials over the years. Do you want to raise awareness on governance in your organization, do you want to implement an effective and robust governance framework and culture, or do you want to make your organization live and breathe corporate governance on a day-to-day basis? We look forward to helping you achieve your goals.

Problems we help solve
  • “We need to implement a new corporate structure.”

  • “Our supervisory board wants to perform an evaluation.”

  • “How do we implement the Corporate Governance Code?”

  • “We want to create a culture within our boards that supports good governance.”

  • “Is our governance framework in compliance with the applicable law and regulations?”

  • “How can we improve the communication between the supervisory board and the managing board?”

  • “We need to draft new articles of incorporation and bylaws.”

  • “We want to prepare a governance manual.”

Design & execution
Capability building

Learning doesn’t happen in a one-time training or event. Learning requires a blend of immersive experiences, supportive learning tools, and touch points over time. We can help your board understand what needs to be done, how and why. We look froward to helping you define the most effective curriculum, tools, approach and blend of activities to develop new skills as a director or supervisory board member.

Problems we help solve
  • “We need our boards to learn new skills in a more engaging way.”

  • “We need to better equip our supervisory board with skills and tools to do their job.”

  • “Our current board learning program does not support the needs of the board.”

  • “We want to enhance the overall knowledge of new board members in the field of governance.”

  • “We don’t have the internal resources to develop and execute a board learning program.”

Capability building

Traditional board improvement practices often ignore the most critical thing: board members are what make board functioning a success or a failure. We help directors and supervisory board members work together so they can optimize their governance framework, processes and documents.

Problems we help solve
  • “We need to redesign our governance framework to comply with applicable laws and regulations.”

  • “How can we make our board meetings more effective?”

  • “We want to make our governance framework more effective.”

  • “We do not comply with the Code Corporate Governance.”

  • “We want to improve the quality of our board meetings.”

  • “What is the best way to communicate between the board of directors and the supervisory board?”

Knowledge sharing

We love to share our knowledge about governance. Do you want to learn more about a specific governance topic? We prepare tailored workshops and lectures for your board to create a deeper understanding of the topics you wish to explore.

Problems we help solve
  • “Can you explain how the Code Corporate Governance works?”

  • “Can you explain the implications of the Code Corporate Governance for our organization?”

  • “What does the liability aspect mean for our board and what can we do about it?”

  • “We are a foundation. What do we have to have in place with respect to governance?”

  • “How do we perform an evaluation of the board?”

  • “Can you give an explanation about the applicable laws and regulations for our organization?”

  • “How do we have to read our articles of incorporation and by-laws?”

Knowledge sharing
What makes us different?
We know what we are talking about

Having worked with boards of directors and supervisory board members across a range of institutions and industries, and with vast experience of the demands placed on the governance function, we have become specialists in providing support to boards.


People support what they help build. We look forward to helping your board members build and optimize their governance framework, capture their knowledge, and develop sustainable solutions.

Do you need help with corporate governance?
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