Our customized consulting & legal services are designed to work with your board based upon specific goals and desires at this particular time in your governance journey. Themis will work with and support you in identifying your specific governance issues/needs and provide you with proven principles and best governance practices to implement.


Our services are designed to assist clients to understand and implement good corporate governance and leadership. We are able to assist with a range of issues relating to the composition, operation and improvement of board practice. We have developed considerable expertise and resource materials over our years in business.
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Governance and leadership training offers benefits for (board) directors committed to playing a key role in guiding their organizations success. How exactly can training help a board or director? here are some of the things you’ve got to gain from a governance or leadership training.
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Our research covers a broad range of issues facing organizations, directors and boards of directors such as principles of good governance, Board of directors, Leadership and succession planning, Compensation, Audit and risk, Shareholder management and proxy advisory.
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