Boardroom Advice

We are able to assist with a range of issues relating to the composition, operation and improvement of board practice and have developed considerable expertise and resource materials over our years in business.

A few examples of our services in this area include:

  • Board structure and composition
  • Board Performance Review
  • Advising on remuneration
  • Boardroom scans
  • Development and implementation of board improvement plans
  • Board and organizational reviews
  • Helping organizations decide on the best legal structure, preparing necessary documents and registering them
  • Developing and implementing policies and procedures to guide the board and staff
  • Production of governance manuals
  • Reviewing and revising legal frameworks
  • Developing or improving organizations governance systems and processes

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Board & Member Development

An effective board, committed to a purpose and skilled in governance and guided by an effective vision, is perhaps one the greatest asset of an organization. While dedicated and talented staff are also a critical part of the team, their time and energy would be wasted without the focus, direction, and resources that a board provides.

A few examples of our services in this area include:

  • Support your organization in the evaluation of the current and future leadership needs of the organization
  • Recruiting board members with the necessary qualities
  • Developing board members so that they become effective organization leaders
  • Support your organization in sustaining board members interest and commitment

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Interim Board Services

In many ways, interim non-executive board (“board”) members can provide much-needed support when a board member leaves unexpectedly or when the board need fresh perspectives on how to take the governance of the organization forward.

The relationship often is most beneficial when an organization is ready to look critically at the organization and willing to make necessary changes. This allows the board and interim board member to apply their collective talents preparing the organization for regular long-term leadership.

It also is advisable that the interim doesn’t have a stake in the organization and isn’t a candidate for the full-time position, so he or she can objectively help the organization navigate any potential issues, such as internal political challenges, and offer an honest assessment of the organization and its potential to reach short- and long-term governance goals.

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Legal services

From the perspective of corporate governance we provide integrated legal services. When we analyze your articles of incorporation and your rules and regulations, it is not about rules and regulations alone, it is also about the people that have to work with it effectively and with pleasure. In that perspective we can assist you in structuring or restructuring your companies both on group-level and on institutional level. We keep in mind your present governance structure and advice you about alternatives that might suit you better. We can show you your strengths and weaknesses, and summarize your challenges in a corporate governance quick scan. We advise on supervision structures both internally and externally that are effective because they incorporate the human factor in successful governance. We provide guidance among others in valuing remuneration systems, integrity-testing and decision making processes. We can offer you a corporate governance manual with all relevant information and documents in your organization.

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