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An investment in your organization, board members and directors

Training and development of individual directors and the board as a whole is an important investment for any organization that intends to operate at its greatest effectiveness. Themis is committed to improving the effectiveness of boards of (non-executive) directors. We do this through our range or services delivered in person, including;

  • Facilitation of corporate retreats and away days for strategy planning
  • Audits of board processes and director skills against external benchmarks
  • Executive coaching to help new non-executive directors get up to speed quickly and to improve individual and group performance
  • Personality profiling to balance the board and 360 degree feedback to discover strengths and development needs of individual directors (via Insights Discovery)
  • Offering training to individuals and groups on a number of governance related topics.

Here is a selection of matters that are commonly addressed in development/training programs for (non-executive) directors and boards:

  • ‘Tone at the top’
  • Essential differences between direction, management and ownership
  • The role and responsibilities of non-executive directors
  • Setting vision, mission and values – and why they are so important
  • Articles of incorporation
  • Board member accountability and liability
  • The role of personality in team building
  • Good governance processes and practices
  • Achieving board effectiveness
  • Situational governance
  • Agreeing and setting performance measures
  • Tools for the boardroom to increase effectiveness
  • Boardroom behaviors – good and bad
  • Effective board meetings
  • Relationships with stakeholders
  • Ethics and conflicts of interest
  • Frameworks for decision making
  • Negotiation skills
  • (Self-)Evaluation
  • Risk management
  • Board committees
  • How to deal with political influence?
  • Remuneration

At this moment we provide the following public training:

A Seven Step Approach to Effective Governance

Our course on “Effective Governance” is designed for current or prospective supervisors and directors of incorporated legal entities like “N.V.”’s and foundations, and for others with a general interest in the subject matter. No prior experience or prerequisite background is expected or necessary to participate in the course.

For more information please contact Eelke Heemskerk at +3135694800 or at or Robbert Kroon at +59995217953 or at

Tailor-made or in-company training

In addition to a training from the public schedule Themis can provide your organization with tailor-made and/or in-company training.

One of the advantages of a tailor made course is that the practice of your work environment, organization and the industry in which you work can be integrated. The lecturers from Themis are able to delve into your organization and provide you with a training that fit your specific needs.

For more information please contact Eelke Heemskerk at +3135694800 or at or Robbert Kroon at +59995217953 or at