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Academic Research

We aspire good governance and leadership because we believe its crucial for the societies we life in. In order to promote good governance and leadership, we need to thoroughly understand it. As professionals, but also from a more fundamental and academic perspective. What contributes to good governance and leadership, and what stand in its way? And how do the changes in the environment impact good governance and leadership? In other words, when are boards and top management teams ‘fit for purpose’? 
At the Themis Institute, we care deeply about these questions. Our fellows  are on the faculty of top universities across the globe. Through these affiliations Themis contributes to the development of knowledge and ultimately a scientific knowledge base for good governance and  leadership. 
See the publications section for recent publication of Themis Academic Fellows.

Research Consultancy

The Themis Institute brings together professionals, researchers and academics with a profound interest in increasing the quality of governance and leadership. We assist corporations, sector organizations, NGO’s and governments with the design, implementation and interpretation of research projects that contribute to this aim. Our research expertise, where we team up with top universities across the globe – ranges from interviews and focus groups, large scale surveys, to big data analysis. Our long professional experience in governance and leadership allows us to advice clients on the most appropriate research designs that help to uncover new information, locate bottlenecks in difficult processes, or retrieve insights to enhance governance and  leadership.

Publications & Articles